About Diasec in Norway

Diasec mounting is fairly well known in Europe. It has been used in Norway before and now can be produced locally in Norway in collaboration with local artists and printers. A Diasec is a simple way to mount photos and prints giving them an open feeling when you look at them. A Diasec mount also gives your work some protection from the environment ( UV light and humidity) thereby increasing its archival properties and its sale value.


Diasec is one of the earliest systems that allowed photographs to be bonded directly and permanently to acrylic sheet using a bonding agent that is applied as a gel (as opposed to the various laminating films that are often used these days). Only companies that are licensed can get hold of the special ingredients and Fotonika AS is the sole licence holder for Norway. Diasec has an extensive track record worldwide and although there will always be a reject rate for any kind of mounting system, by and large it has been relatively low for Diasec.


I do not offer printing services but instead work closely with experienced printers and print houses (see here). However the choice of paper is important - choosing a good quality photo rag paper for inkjet prints or a high quality RA-4 paper for C-Type prints is crucial.


I recommend the excellent rag inkjet photo papers from Canson and Moab. Meanwhile Fujifilm today is the leader for RA-4 color photographic (C-Type) papers - choose one of their excellent matt papers rather then the glossy ones. Just call me to discuss and I can advise the best paper and printing solution depending on your expectations and budget.


Check out the sites below of some of the other Diasec licence holders: